Benefits of CyberKnife

CyberKnife SuiteTreatment with CyberKnife results in potentially fewer complications than invasive surgery and often allows patients to have a better quality of life during and after treatment. The CyberKnife System is a one-of-a-kind device for several reasons.

First, the CyberKnife System uses image guidance software to track and continually adjust treatment for any patient or tumor movement. This sets it far ahead of other similar treatments. It allows patients to breathe normally and relax comfortably during treatment.

Second, some forms of radiosurgery require rigid head-frames that are screwed into the patient’s skull to minimize any movement. The CyberKnife System does not require such extreme procedures to keep patients in place and, instead, relies on sophisticated tracking software, allowing for a much more comfortable and non-invasive treatment.

Third, unlike some radiosurgery systems, which can only treat tumors in the head, the CyberKnife System has unlimited reach to treat a broad range of tumors throughout the body, including the prostate, lung, brain, spine, liver, pancreas, and kidney.

And, finally, the CyberKnife System’s treatment accuracy is unrivaled. Its ability to treat tumors with pinpoint accuracy is unmatched by other radiation therapy and radiosurgery systems. The CyberKnife System can essentially “paint” the tumor with radiation, allowing it to precisely deliver treatment to the tumor alone, sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

Advantages of the CyberKnife System Include:

  • Extremely accurate radiation targeting means higher doses of radiation can be used, offering the patient a better chance for cure
  • Treats hard-to-reach tumors, many that may have been diagnosed as inoperable
  • Tumors receive radiation from many angles, minimizing damage to healthy tissue
  • Continually checks and compensates for any movement made during treatments, ensuring accuracy
  • Requires no metal head frame or skull pins
  • Eliminates risks related to surgery, including potential infection, complication from anesthesia, and post-operative bleeding
  • Requires no recovery time; most treatments are done on an outpatient basis
  • Patients undergo their treatment quickly, usually in just 1 to 5 sessions, and immediately resume normal daily activities.
  • Reduces pain
  • Requires no or minimal sedation 

CyberKnife Cancer Care

The CyberKnife Centers of Tampa Bay are outpatient cancer treatment facilities dedicated to providing image-guided radiosurgery using the CyberKnife System. CyberKnife offers new hope for the treatment of tumors and lesions - including brain cancer, head and neck cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, metastases, cancer of the pancreas, prostate cancer, and spinal tumors.

Accurate Cancer Treatment

CyberKnife can treat benign tumors and many types of cancer, including, brain, head and neck, liver, lung, pancreatic, and prostate cancer, metastases, and spinal tumors.

Robotic Cancer Surgery

The CyberKnife System uses image-guided robotics to precisely destroy cancer tumors and other lesions. This precision spares normal, healthy tissue, while the higher dosage offers improved chances for cure from cancer. The CyberKnife can treat inoperable and hard to reach cancerous tumors.

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